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We felt the pull of “The Way Life Should Be” testing

Living Wells Farm is owned and operated by the Hoffman and Curley families. Two couples desired to serve together; two couples desired a better life for their children; two couples desired a life that was about more than just a job. What started as a dream around a kitchen table after a day of skiing came into actuality the moment the two families stepped onto the property on Allen Road.

Bob and Amanda Hoffman are from Yorktown, VA and have two daughters. Chris and Cat Curley are from Franklin, MA and have three sons and a daughter. Bob and Chris are cousins, and the two families partnered in 2015 to open Living Wells Farm.

We believe that it is our responsibility to care for the earth and all that dwells in it. We are proud to offer individualized care for your horse, and appreciate that the needs of each owner and horse can vary. Our goal is to provide affordable and flexible horse care options to accommodate pleasure pets, show horses, and everything in between!

Living Wells Farm was established with the intention of being more than just an equine boarding facility. It is our desire to provide a relaxed environment for members of the community to enjoy the outdoors in Southern Maine. Using nature and creation as our guide, we have started the process of creating a homestead that will serve the community as a full service equine facility, a retreat center, and as a learning resource. We could not be more thrilled about this calling.

Chronicle on WCVB Boston Comes to Living Wells Farm

We were thrilled to host a segment for Chronicle New England on WCVB Boston. This is a nice piece about what to do in southern Maine during the winter.  Come ride a horse!

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